Monday, February 16, 2015

Berry Crush Socks

I recently saw a picture on Instagram of Annettle's Graquellow Socks and loved the texture. I was so inspired I grabbed some yarn I had recently dyed and casted on.

My version is garter stitch between slipped stitches and love how it is turning out. This color is one I recently dyed as a variegated and I love it, but it is difficult to photograph.
 photo 20150215_152825_zpsdinerqbw.jpg

It's between the picture above and the picture below.
 photo 20150215_152926_zpsz8jv8ixb.jpg

Love the texture.
 photo 20150215_152839_zps5dzy3rmy.jpg

The last socks I knit myself were in 2013, before that 2011, so I think I am due a pair of hand knit socks! :)
 photo 20150215_152938_zpsenrct0yo.jpg

Are we noticing a recent pink and purple theme? Yeah, I don't know where it is coming from either, but I am very oddly enjoying it, so we will just go with the flow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spinning Experiment

So with my Valentine yarn I am plying-on-the-fly, which utilizes chain plying to create a 3-ply yarn. I like to spin thin and was a little disappointed with how thin my 3-ply was, a heavy lace/light fingering. I was given the idea that when plying on the fly I could do it twice and create a 9-ply by chain plying the yarn I had just chain plied.

Here are the two skeins next to each other. I did a smallish sample of the 9-ply, but large enough I could get a good feeling of how it would turn out.
 photo IMG_20150210_225706_zps6et1fsvn.jpg

I decided not to do it all 9-ply as that is just a little too thick for me. It's a bit thicker than worsted, by eyeballing it, which will probably grow after it's been washed.
 photo 20150210_225759_zpsikv9nqwq.jpg

Here is a better comparison.  The 9-ply is wonderfully squishy though!
 photo 20150210_230049_zpszrginw9v.jpg

Started spinning the rest of it, going to stick with the 3-ply to finish it up.
 photo 20150210_232114_zpsmylatvpg.jpg

When I start my next fiber I want to experiment with plying-on-the-fly to see what I can get. I think it might be possible to get a 5-ply by double looping, but I'll need to experiment. If I can get a 5-ply/6-ply that would be ideal.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentines Spinning

I realized today that I haven't posted any of my Valentine's spinning yet. I have been working on it through January.

Here it was at the start, I am doing plying on the fly, so I spin up a certain amount of singles, wind them on the shaft, ply them, and then wind them on the arms.
 photo 20150109_215950_zpsrkwixqk0.jpg

Here you can see the ball of yarn wrapped around the arms is the plied yarn and the singles wrapped around the shaft.
 photo IMG_20150110_220937_zpsoqs9dbyh.jpg

I am usually not a pink person, but I have been quite addicted to this colorway.
 photo 20150116_204308_zpsi31dti25-1.jpg

Here is where I am so far. I'm trying to spin the whole 4oz on my Turkish spindle. It is the Large in the sleeker design from Threadsthrutime.
 photo 20150204_235030_zpsgukxcfp3.jpg

The fiber is Victoria from Greenwood Fiberworks in Polwarth, which is lovely to spin. I absolutely love their fibers.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Belated Wookie Birthday!

With all the doggy check-ups and court dates we forgot to mention that Wookie turned 5 on Wednesday!

 photo IMG_20150201_163553_zpsqs8rgcp1.jpg

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Eleanor's ballet wrap

 photo IMG_20150127_123721_zpsfhnurci4.jpg

Eleanor's ballet wrap is starting to look like an actual top! I started late, but think I am making decent progress.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dyeing Yarn

I have also been dyeing some yarn.

Here is a recent batch.
 photo IMG_20150103_233954_zpsffg23krj.jpg

This one is teal blue, pink, and yellow-green.  It is not self-striping but it spirals.
 photo 20150104_140324_zpsiiyzyrn5.jpg

 photo 20150104_140512_zps1facuns8.jpg

This one was an over convoluted experiment.
 photo 20150104_140441_zpsluxgvhjs.jpg

 photo 20150104_140423_zpsatp9j7c1.jpg

It started out as a long loop that I tied off in about 16 places and dyed each space separately.  It was way more difficult to dye than I expected, even though I like how it turned out, I would never do it again.
 photo IMG_20141121_182827_zpstjk7oh52.jpg

This one had almost no planning and it was my happy accident!
 photo 20150104_140350_zpsu1xpks84.jpg

It's mostly blues, but has pinks, greens, purples, etc in it.  Definitely one of my favorites.
 photo 20150104_140403_zpsdwdach2d.jpg

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dyeing Punis

I started learning to spin cotton, but the punis that I purchased are white and I love spinning color. So I tried to dye some of the punis with dyes for cotton. I soaked the punis and then painted them with colors.

Here you can see the ones that I painted.
 photo 20141120_154434_zpsadify8e2.jpg

However, when started to spin it, the dye was only surface level. It didn't soak further into the puni.
 photo 20150106_224330_zpsvkfm4co0.jpg

Here you can see it clearer, how the inside is still very much white.
 photo 20150106_224408_zps1vbs9nkq.jpg

Here you can see, kind of, how the single is barber poled.
 photo 142c939f-bd87-4aeb-b394-4efe7e945860_zps636d0c25.jpg

I am next going to try immersing the punis in color to see if I can dye them through or at least more than surface level. I just need to get some more cotton dyes.