Friday, December 12, 2014

Wookie was attacked

Wookie was attacked last night by a big dog, we believe an overweight Alaskan Malamute. We were out on our walk and the neighbors dog got out of their backyard and went directly for Wookie. He grabbed Wookie in his mouth and tried to run with him. It took four adults, one hitting the dog with a snow shovel handle, to get the dog to stop biting Wookie and let him go. He spent last night at the Emergency Vet. He had to have surgery, stitches, and 4 drain tubes put in. Poor thing is bruised all over. We did end up having to go to our vet this afternoon as Wookie's meds weren't enough and he was in a lot of pain, they gave him some shots and more drugs.

Some of Wookie's injuries. You can see one of his drainage tubes. 
 photo 20141212_085717_zpshotnzdqf.jpg
Wookie's stitches and two more of his drainage tubes.   You can also see the other bite marks that didn't break the skin. The vet said his chubbiness probably saved his life as the teeth went through the layer of fat and just missed major stuff. 
  photo 20141212_085708_zpsa4vhyezk.jpg
Wookie just came home from the ER Vet.
   photo IMG_20141212_094344_zpscyysnjdt.jpg
But all he wanted to do was sleep on the bed next to Daddy. 
 photo IMG_20141212_125308_zpsitvykggu.jpg
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Garter and Cables hat

Don't you just love these colors!?!? I do, slow going, but it will be lovely when done.
 photo 20141209_202750_zpss7ltfeb_edit_1418175220186_zpstcxd8wkv.jpg
 photo 20141209_202852_zpszgnoh7m_edit_1418175336184_zpsyvtewbur.jpg

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter hat knitting

Knitting on my next winter hat, this is just the outer layer, as it's going to be double thick!  photo IMG_20141201_203424_zpstsfzxqou.jpg

And I am so loving these colors! :)
 photo 20141201_203127_zps6avuizq_edit_1417484449540_zpskiqilv4y.jpg

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Halloween Gifts

This year I had time to knit my nieces and nephew in Washington State Halloween gifts:

Fingerless Mitts for my niece Justice. This is one of the yarns I got in my dyeing swap this summer.
 photo 20141027_161042_zpsuarn0sge.jpg

 photo 20141027_161029_zpsm6hw0oo0.jpg

Liam's little socks.
 photo 20141027_161348_zps9egskgtj.jpg

 photo 20141027_161336_zpszx78yc8w.jpg

Vera's socks, she wanted some purple stripey socks so I used a gradient purple and alternated it with white.
 photo 20141027_161233_zpsutvzi2jn.jpg

 photo 20141027_161252_zpscawmg1xn.jpg

Eleanor's gradient purple socks.
 photo 20141027_161109_zpstemsr2jk.jpg

 photo 20141027_161136_zps50sql5jk.jpg

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wookie's Thanksgiving

Wookie impatiently waiting for his Thanksgiving plate of food!
 photo 20141127_170121_zps9ozfwmke.jpg

And scarfing his dinner!
 photo 20141127_170131_zpsbhu6kqj7.jpg
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wookie Wednesday

Just one week before the storm, enjoying our lovely 60's.
 photo 20141111_131123_zpsgap6jikh.jpg

Wookie enjoying our first few flakes.
 photo 20141113_122102_zpszum0ryog.jpg

Wookie loved our bit of the Buffalo Snow Storm.
 photo IMG_20141119_120747_zpsrhptwtqz.jpg

Sleepy Wookie, the snow tuckers him out!
 photo 20141120_235832_zpsioxyhrej.jpg

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

John's Birthday Socks

This year for John, my brother-in-law, I knit him, my sister, and my niece matching socks! I took about a million pictures as I was super proud of these, but I won't drowned you all in them and will just show a few.

Here is the picture my sister sent me after they received the socks!
 photo IMG_0292_zpsxacslubn.jpg

I love to see the size difference between the pictures, from left to right, Kid's 11, Women's 6, and Men's 13.
 photo 20141029_150032_zpskdl4xxiw.jpg

 photo 20141028_125624_zpslfdqtlpi.jpg

I did all the math to make sure the socks matched exactly! I love how they turned out, but here is a good reason not to do this again:

This is just one pair of socks for ends to weave in, multiply this times three! It was craziness!
 photo IMG_20141005_183042_zpsf7wm22ku.jpg

Eleanor would like me to do the same next year, but she'd like her doll to match them also.  Which I will do, but if they are stripey, it'll be self-striping!  :)