Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spinning Experiment

So with my Valentine yarn I am plying-on-the-fly, which utilizes chain plying to create a 3-ply yarn. I like to spin thin and was a little disappointed with how thin my 3-ply was, a heavy lace/light fingering. I was given the idea that when plying on the fly I could do it twice and create a 9-ply by chain plying the yarn I had just chain plied.

Here are the two skeins next to each other. I did a smallish sample of the 9-ply, but large enough I could get a good feeling of how it would turn out.
 photo IMG_20150210_225706_zps6et1fsvn.jpg

I decided not to do it all 9-ply as that is just a little too thick for me. It's a bit thicker than worsted, by eyeballing it, which will probably grow after it's been washed.
 photo 20150210_225759_zpsikv9nqwq.jpg

Here is a better comparison.  The 9-ply is wonderfully squishy though!
 photo 20150210_230049_zpszrginw9v.jpg

Started spinning the rest of it, going to stick with the 3-ply to finish it up.
 photo 20150210_232114_zpsmylatvpg.jpg

When I start my next fiber I want to experiment with plying-on-the-fly to see what I can get. I think it might be possible to get a 5-ply by double looping, but I'll need to experiment. If I can get a 5-ply/6-ply that would be ideal.

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  1. Sounds like a fun experiment! I love the colors, too. The reds/purples are favorites around here anytime of the year. =)