Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentines Spinning

I realized today that I haven't posted any of my Valentine's spinning yet. I have been working on it through January.

Here it was at the start, I am doing plying on the fly, so I spin up a certain amount of singles, wind them on the shaft, ply them, and then wind them on the arms.
 photo 20150109_215950_zpsrkwixqk0.jpg

Here you can see the ball of yarn wrapped around the arms is the plied yarn and the singles wrapped around the shaft.
 photo IMG_20150110_220937_zpsoqs9dbyh.jpg

I am usually not a pink person, but I have been quite addicted to this colorway.
 photo 20150116_204308_zpsi31dti25-1.jpg

Here is where I am so far. I'm trying to spin the whole 4oz on my Turkish spindle. It is the Large in the sleeker design from Threadsthrutime.
 photo 20150204_235030_zpsgukxcfp3.jpg

The fiber is Victoria from Greenwood Fiberworks in Polwarth, which is lovely to spin. I absolutely love their fibers.

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  1. That is a beautiful spindle. I have yet to try a turkish, but I am always tempted. =)