Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wookie's attempt at theft

Wookie is a little jealous of my spending some of my free time with crafting and not spending every spare moment with him. Also, he loves blankets. The other night while I was working on my niece Vera's Christmas blanket, he climbed into my lap and snuggled under the blanket, trying his best to show me that it would be perfect for him instead.

 photo DSC05770_zps08986cf4.jpg

 photo DSC05771_zpsf00ae47e.jpg

 photo DSC05772_zps8034623f.jpg

I guess someone is vying for a blanket of their own this Christmas!


  1. He's a pretty adorable little thief!

  2. Hi Wookie! With all the fur he already has, I would have thought that a blanket would be too warm for hom, but he seems to like it. Definitely a blanket from Santa for him this year! :o)

  3. I think he is saying "my blanket!" LOL
    He is so cute!

  4. I couldn't say no to that face... and I'm betting you won't either.