Friday, December 12, 2014

Wookie was attacked

Wookie was attacked last night by a big dog, we believe an overweight Alaskan Malamute. We were out on our walk and the neighbors dog got out of their backyard and went directly for Wookie. He grabbed Wookie in his mouth and tried to run with him. It took four adults, one hitting the dog with a snow shovel handle, to get the dog to stop biting Wookie and let him go. He spent last night at the Emergency Vet. He had to have surgery, stitches, and 4 drain tubes put in. Poor thing is bruised all over. We did end up having to go to our vet this afternoon as Wookie's meds weren't enough and he was in a lot of pain, they gave him some shots and more drugs.

Some of Wookie's injuries. You can see one of his drainage tubes. 
 photo 20141212_085717_zpshotnzdqf.jpg
Wookie's stitches and two more of his drainage tubes.   You can also see the other bite marks that didn't break the skin. The vet said his chubbiness probably saved his life as the teeth went through the layer of fat and just missed major stuff. 
  photo 20141212_085708_zpsa4vhyezk.jpg
Wookie just came home from the ER Vet.
   photo IMG_20141212_094344_zpscyysnjdt.jpg
But all he wanted to do was sleep on the bed next to Daddy. 
 photo IMG_20141212_125308_zpsitvykggu.jpg
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  1. Oh my god, poor Wookie! All the best to him!

  2. Oh my heart breaks for you and for wee Wookie!! Been there, done that... although thankfully without the wrestling match to save my dog. Welcome to the awful club. We still can't walk past the "biters house." Sissy is FINALLY brave enough to consider it, but Gretchen has a panic attack when she just HEARS the dog(s) bark, and will probably never trust another dog other than sweet Sissy ever again. I hope you and Wookie have better luck there.

  3. Poor little guy! Hope he gets over his injuries quickly!