Thursday, January 7, 2010

More finished gifts

Well, I finished both Mark and Justice's socks.

Justice's Socks
Yarn: FibraNatura / Exquisite Bamboo(un-spun, took out the 2 wool singles and 6 bamboo singles, re-spun)
Content: 77% bamboo & 23% superwash (afterwards about 50/50)
Care: hand wash cold, lay flat
Needles: US 0 / 2mm
Gauge: 31.5sts/ 3"
Size: 13 Kids

I like the way they turned out. They are very nice and soft. I hope she likes them. I did a regular slip-stitch heel and a version of a round toe.

Mark's Socks
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX
Color: Cadet Colors
Care: hand wash cold and lay flat
Content: 75% wool & 25% nylon
Needles: US 1 / 2.25mm
Gauge: 7.5sts / 1"
Foot Size: 10.5 Mens

They look like they are two different sizes there, but I promise you I just forgot to spread out the top one all nice and neat. I like how these turned out, just slow knitting. I used a regular slip stitch heel and a version of a round toe again. I think I might prefer the round toe in general.

Overall, I enjoy sock knitting and will be making Justice another pair in the near future. I sure do appreciate the size of children's feet over adults. :)


  1. two pair of finished socks! Quite an accomplishment and they look great.

  2. Great looking socks. I like to knit for little feet better than the big ones too.

  3. Those look warm and comfy! I'm sure they'll be appreciated. I can't believe that you unspun and respun that yarn...that's dedication, I tell you!