Monday, December 31, 2012

33 Things for the year I turn 33

So, I read someone's blog where she listed 29 things to do before she turned 29, since she had just turned 28 . . . or something to that effect.  I wanted to do something similar.  This year I turn 33, I do not intend to necessarily do these things before I turn 33 in October, but in 2013 in general.

We have decided for financial reasons not to look for a house until 2014, which I am bummed about, but we will be in a better place for a house then.

As something that also fits into this, my husband a few weeks ago said something that at first insulted me, but the more I thought about it, it was true.  He said that I don't necessarily enjoy certain things, such as cooking, I like experimenting.  Which insulted me at first because you hold certain things as part of your personality and even though I know I don't love cooking, I did think of myself as beginning to enjoy it.  But the more I thought about it, he is right,  I often don't stick with hobbies, because once there is less to learn or experiment with, I often grow board with it.  Now, it may take years for that to happen, but it's one of the reason I don't draw so much anymore.  I do love to learn, experiment, etc. and am realizing that I need to embrace more of that aspect of my personality where applicable.

So here is my list of things to try/work on/accomplish in no specific order:

1. Spin a sweaters worth of yarn. - I purchased 12oz so far of a lovely roving that I would love to spin and knit into a sweater for myself.

2. Start knitting a sweater with handspun yarn.

3. Take 30 minutes a day to either exercise/meditate.

4. Attend the church next door at least twice. - I am missing lately the feeling of community and the church is a Unitarian Church, so they accept people of any belief, so I want to go and see if it's somewhere I might feel like I belong.

5. Have an allowance, no more that $50 per month, while saving for a house.

6. Try making my own triangle shawl design. - I am finding that this winter season I am really preferring shawls over scarves due to bulk issues.

7. Design a sweater for Eleanor based on the Bobba Hat.

8. Knit a sweater/top for Justice. - thinking about a cabled smooshy sweater

9. Knit a sweater/top for Vera. - thinking about a lovely summery top

10. Knit a sweater/top for Liam. - vest or dressy/nerdy looking sweater for a classy little young man

11. Sew Rhoni and Eleanor's birthday gifts. - special request from Rhoni, have I mentioned how much I love requests.

12. Sew Echo, Justice, and Vera a version of these also for a Mother's Day gift for Echo.

13. Sew myself a version of this also, as I think it would be nifty.

14 - 17. Knit double-knit Seahawks/Mariners cowls for Echo, Justice, Vera, and Rhoni.

18. Knit Eleanor some nifty socks.

19. Knit Jacob's socks by Valentine's Day.

20. Fix loom so I can actually use it.
21. I want 2013 to be the Year of Swatching for me. - I would like to knit more swatches just for the sake of swatching to create ideas, to try new stitch designs, etc.

22. Take the time to eat healthy.  - I haven't been doing so well this end of the year and have gained some of my weight back and in general felt blah.

23. Try more variety for Wookie's homemade food and make batches big enough to freeze. - We have gone to homemade food supplemented with some kibble.

24. Knit Dark and Stormy sweater along with Knitting Samurai Plus 1 Group. - Another attempt to bring myself into more "community" type activities.  Plus it just looks like a nifty sweater.

25. Try more experimenting in cooking, especially Paleo cooking and Gluten-Free baking.

26. Try dyeing the cotton/linen yarn I have so that I will actually use it.

27. Knit John a pair of Birthday Socks in the Alda Road Socks pattern with the Stellar colorway from Apothecary Yarns.

28. This summer try taking Wookie out with the bicycle. - I purchased last summer one of the kids buggies that go behind the bike for him, so I could ride my bike to the dog park with him, but never did it this year.

29. Buy one of the Petite Turkish Spindles from Riley Wood and Fiber Art. - Love the look of his Petite Spindles and I don't have to have it Internationally Shipped!

30. Finish Eleanor's Blanket that I started before she was born.  - Yes, it has sat 80% finished for the last almost 2 years.

31. Finish Vera's Blanket that I started before she was born. - Yes, I started it 4 years ago . . . I would like to finish it, it's about 70% complete.  I have a harder time finishing things when they are no longer travel size!

32. Accept that knitting or crafting does not always have to have a recipient, sometimes it's just nice to make something.

33.  Experiment with life more.


  1. Great list!! My mother rides her bike with her Scottie attached by leash somehow, but he's a senior and she is too and rides VERY slowly...

    Hem. Oh well. Anyhoo... ;)

  2. You've thought a lot about the year to come. Hope it will turn out to be a good one. Happy New Year!

  3. I understand, I like to experiment as well. However, that is one reason I love cooking, there is always a new experiment to be had. Can't wait to see how our special request turn out.

  4. I love experiments! Coming up with 33 things to do seems like a big job, though. Looks like you have sweaters in your out, or you'll turn into me! =)