Friday, June 28, 2013

Humidity Bites!

Neither Wookie or myself are fans of the humidity lately. Neither one of us started our lives in places that had humidity like this . . . I try to comfort him and myself with thoughts of one day retiring in Colorado! :)

With the humidity, Wookie changes his sleeping habits. It's the only time he sleeps in his crate, the cooler plastic of the crate is something he appreciates.

 photo DSC05602_zps610c8bba.jpg
If you look closely at the toy bin to the left, you can see a teddy bear.  It is the same teddy bear I had as a little kid!

He also likes to lay tummy up in front of the fan:

 photo DSC05604_zps1308758a.jpg

I feel for him and he will probably get shaved again when we come back from Ohio in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I am also not a fan of humidity. I can't imagine living with it from inside a fur coat!