Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turkish Delight

 photo DSC05594_zps1483e06c.jpg

So, I have been watching a new podcast, Yarnrasing and I am loving it. I have been increasing my spinning, both wheel and spindle. I decided that it was finally the time to get that nice Turkish spindle I have been wanting. I ordered a different one than I had originally planned. I ordered this spindle from Threads thru Time.  I recommend them, it arrived quickly, safely and is probably one of the best spindles I own.  I will most likely order another one in the future.

With the spindle, I received a small amount of fiber to spin on it, which I must say was lovely to spin with:

Here you can see it's a little bigger than an avocado!
 photo DSC05591_zpse8982d34.jpg

The wood is beautiful and it spins very nice.
 photo DSC05579_zpsf4385d1e.jpg

A small bit of fiber was included with the spindle to try it out and it was lovely to spin with.
 photo DSC05577_zpsc3919b00.jpg

I made a mini skein, it is Navajo Plied and is only small bit of yarn, but I love how it turned out.  I will probably use it for a row or two in a hat as a little detail bit.
 photo DSC05597_zpsca60d5f7.jpg

 photo DSC05595_zps7969ab68.jpg

I also ordered some fiber from there and have been spinning it slowly on the Turkish Spindle and will show you some of that in the near future, as I plan to spin for 30 minutes a day during the Tour De Fleece!


  1. Ooooh! Ahhhhh! That's incredible. I still need to bond with the spindles I have though. I have signed up for Tour De Fleece, so maybe...

  2. Yay for spinning! I've never tried a Turkish spindle, but it is on my list of "someday" items.