Friday, November 14, 2014

Doll Flashback to the Past

When I was young my main crafting outlet was making dolls and clothes for them. I loved doing it and everything I made was hand sewn, even the hair was yarn that was stitched strand by strand into the dolls head. They were time consuming and I primarily stopped making them because I didn't think the time I put into them were appreciated by the recipients, especially the last two I made . . . I know this is a bad reason, but it's true. I loved making the dolls though.

My sister, Rhoni, informed me yesterday that one of the dolls I made 18 years ago had made it's way from my Grandma Cheryl to my niece Eleanor.

Most of my dolls were made faceless, as I preferred this, but there was a chunk of time in which I put iron-on faces on them, because other people preferred that they have faces. This face mostly lasted 18 years, just a bit of the eyebrows and the lips are missing. I was informed they were lost partially due to a trip or trips through the washer... the iron-on faces I do not believe were meant to last going through a washer and dryer, so that is to be expected.

 photo IMG_20141113_214137_zpspmk66zll.jpg

My sister took a comparison picture, the baby doll is about 12" long, so the sewn doll is quite large, I believe she was made as a 24" doll and was one of the very few that I made that large.
 photo IMG_0332_zpse9cnmj7i.jpg

Seeing it was a nice walk down memory lane and almost made me want to make them again.


  1. Eleanor loves it. Not sure where the last two went but I sure know this one was appreciated by its final recipient. She appreciates everything you make for her.

  2. That is amazing! I'm so glad the doll has been enjoyed and passed along... and shared here with us.

  3. And just could knit them a wardrobe, too! Glad the doll has found its way to a loving home.