Friday, November 28, 2014

Halloween Gifts

This year I had time to knit my nieces and nephew in Washington State Halloween gifts:

Fingerless Mitts for my niece Justice. This is one of the yarns I got in my dyeing swap this summer.
 photo 20141027_161042_zpsuarn0sge.jpg

 photo 20141027_161029_zpsm6hw0oo0.jpg

Liam's little socks.
 photo 20141027_161348_zps9egskgtj.jpg

 photo 20141027_161336_zpszx78yc8w.jpg

Vera's socks, she wanted some purple stripey socks so I used a gradient purple and alternated it with white.
 photo 20141027_161233_zpsutvzi2jn.jpg

 photo 20141027_161252_zpscawmg1xn.jpg

Eleanor's gradient purple socks.
 photo 20141027_161109_zpstemsr2jk.jpg

 photo 20141027_161136_zps50sql5jk.jpg

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  1. So many socks! Your needles have been busy. =)