Saturday, April 16, 2011

The long and short of it . . .

So, yes, I pretty much disappeared again this week. I have some lingering congestion, but otherwise the cold is all gone. My only defense is . . . this week overall mostly just sucked. I had a crappy work week which unfortunately affected too many things outside of work too. Slept poorly, in some cranky moods. The feeling of being ignored or placated is incredibly annoying to me. Plus there are just some other things I am trying to work through mentally/emotionally. My husband has been wonderful this week, he should probably get some sort of medal! :)

Any who, I am trying to work through my funk and my blogging funk. My blogging has been decreasing in both quantity and quality and honestly, I know some of the reasons for this. Which I am trying to deal with and work past. In may include in the future a small blog-vacation, just to step away from things and figure out if this is truly something I would miss if I stopped doing it.

Now for some good news:


Here is my beautiful niece, Justice, with her dog, Wookie. Due to trying to move, my sister and her family aren't able to keep Wookie anymore, so Wookie gets to come live with me and the husband. Don't you just love his cute little smile?

Isn't he just beyond adorable?!?! I have to admit, having a pet again will be such a wonderful thing. I love animals and these last 8 years I haven't had one and life just isn't as good without a pet. Granted the first 4 years I lived in New York, our upstairs landlords had two dogs, which loved attention, so it wasn't as big of a change. But here in Buffalo, I have nothing like that. I do admit that it will be quite a change for Wookie, his current home has 2 kids and some kitties, so there is always something going on in the house. Where as our house will be much quieter, so I hope he accepts the change well. I have to admit, I will be spoiling him rotten!

I will be picking him up when I go out to see my family in May and I am super excited.


  1. Wookie is adorable - as is your niece. I bet he'll help cure what ails you. At least... I know the fur-girls are my psychologist!

  2. You know, I make a regular habit of dropping off the face of the planet does wonders for keeping me coming back! I'm sure you'll snap out of whatever's bugging you once you've had some time and space. (And yes, until then your husband probably does get a medal...I know mine deserves one!)

    A new puppy won't hurt, either. =)

  3. Like the creative process I go through cycles, don't go away, just take a break!
    Take care