Friday, April 8, 2011

Vera's Mirabel Elise

No Food Friday today, but there will be one next week. To smooth things over, I do have knitting however.

Yarn: King Tut
Color: Not sure anymore what the names of the colors are, but one is a Light Blue and the other is Yellow.
Content: 100% Mercerized Cotton
Care: Machine wash cool, lay flat to dry.

Yarn: Cotton Ease
Color: Snow
Content: 50% Cotton and 50% Acrylic
Care: Machine wash and dry.

Needles: US 6/ 4mm
Gauge: 5sts / 1"

Pattern: Mirabel Elise
Size: 24 months

Please ignore the broom, I didn't notice it until editing. Weird how one's mind works like that.

I love how it turned out. I changed colors on anything other than regular stockinette, did yellow where the increases happened around the waist, and did color for the bind-off row.

Love how it turned out!


Linen and increase colors.

Half linen stitch and bind-off row.

I thought for sure I was going to have to buy some more of the white! Good thing I used the other colors when I did!

This was an enjoyable test-knit for numerous reasons. Pattern was pretty well written to start with. The dress turned out uber cute! Plus it was nice to knit with some larger needles, thicker yarn, and just do a lot of stockinette. I know there are naysayers for the stockinette, but some good stockinette is always welcome. Stockinette also make good bus knitting, about 1/4 was knit on the bus.

I would easily make this again and am thinking about making little Ellie one. We shall see.


  1. The dress is adorable! I'm glad you included the "broom"'s even cuter hanging up. =)

  2. Sweet!

    And it's always fun to see what others have in the background of their photos. I just have dog hair or doggy faces...