Monday, April 25, 2011

WTF Watermelon Socks

Sometimes, I love the way my mind reels with ideas. The problem tends to be that: one, there simply isn't enough time to do all of these ideas, so how do we sort out the ones worth trying and two, these ideas often complicate themselves when trying to become an actual project.

Now, the fact that there isn't enough time to do all of these ideas, isn't really something I can change. Only so much time in an hour, day, week, month, etc.

However, the making projects more complicated, I can. I tend to over-think and over-calculate the projects, trying to figure out how to make them just perfect. For example. I started a sock (pink and a gray-green) last week. I have started these socks over 4-5 times now. Which in the end is sometimes helpful, but can also be a discouraging part, because really I am making little visible progress, just fine tuning things.

So, are my socks the way I would prefer? No, not yet, but that will come in time. I am working on a pair of toe up socks. I am so VERY particular about the shaping of the toes. My toes do not fit comfortable in a "normal" toe. So I am striving to find my perfect toe, but not in the span of one pair of socks anymore, instead in the span of many pairs of socks, until then, I will accept the fact that with each sock, the toe improves and the toe feels better.



For this pair I have worked on the decreasing of the outer side of the toes and left the in-side to be worked on with the next sock. The outside of the toe is close, but it decreases a little too fast at the end and a plain row in-between some of the decrease rows will help the fit. This way, I am also feeling like I am making progress and perfecting the fit.

I am working on making my hobby once again enjoyable and not feel like a chore or task.

I am using some lovely KnitPicks Palette in the colors Wallaby and Fuchsia with size 1 US Circulars. After doing the potholders on 2 circs, I am definitely enjoying it. Now I just need to save up for a bunch of circulars. :) But anyway, enjoying this and the pink makes the gray-green look even more green. It's a little eye confusing, but that's because they are almost complimentary colors. I will definitely be ordering more KnitPicks. I am doing the first sock with a pink toe, heel and cuff, then the second sock with have a gray-green toe, heel, and cuff.


  1. Fun! I hope you quickly find a toe box that works perfectly for you.

  2. Hummm! You are so smart! I wouldn't have thought to do this!