Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What makes the world go round?

Homemade sausage!


In Paleo eating they discourage buying processed meat, which includes sausage due to all the things they add to the meat that isn't good for you. So I used one of the recipes in one of my Paleo cook books to make my own.

I use 1 pound of pork and 1 pound of turkey plus a variety of seasonings and let me tell you it is heavenly.

I didn't know before specifically what Fennel Seed was, but I love it now! Extra fennel seed in the sausage recipe.


  1. We are very, very lucky that a neighbor of the Knight's Uncle makes homemade sausage, starting with freshly self-butchered hogs...

  2. what is your recipe, I have yet to find one I love, and we just got our pig....