Monday, August 12, 2013

Crocus Socks

So let us do a little catching up . . .

Do you remember this yarn I dyed from a picture???

Well, I finished the socks from this yarn a bit ago and wanted to share them with you:

I love how they turned out!
 photo DSC05622_zps2f74b2f9.jpg

 photo DSC05623_zps902c9f89.jpg

 photo DSC05625_zps879941ec.jpg

 photo DSC05626_zpsa299005b.jpg

 photo DSC05628_zps292192f1.jpg

 photo DSC05629_zps3092c3dd.jpg

Yarn: Dyed Knit Picks Bare
Color : Crocus Inspired
Content : Wool and Nylon
Care : Machine Wash and Lay flat
Needles : US 1 / 2.25mm
Pattern : Toe up, broken ribbed pattern of 2x2, gusset, heel flap, and leg with pattern all around.


  1. Perfect name! They really do remind me of the first purple crocus of the year...

  2. I love all the little spots of orange in there. Just enough to be cheerful, not enough to pool. The purple is nicely variegated, too. =)