Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dyeing Experiments

So, I tried a dyeing experiments a month or so ago:

It all started when we went out to Ohio, I picked up this package at a 2nd hand store. I got it mostly because I'd never seen thick-n-thin yarn quite like this, plus I thought the patterns might look cute in different yarns.
 photo DSC05632_zps0ec37c30.jpg

So I wound the yarn into skeins.
 photo DSC05637_zps99a90994.jpg

Then I had some yarn that I wanted to dye so I would actually use is, so I decided I would dye them together in Yellow, Red, Blue, and Purple.
 photo DSC05640_zps86dea2de.jpg

Here is the pink over-dyed. I forget to take a picture of the other ones by themselves.
 photo DSC05643_zps2b648add.jpg

Here are the comparisons, both types of yarn were dyed in the sames colors. The thick-n-thin is 100% cotton and on the right side. The thicker, previous tan like color, is Debbie Bliss Stella (60% Silk, 20% Rayon, and 20% Cotton)and is on the left side.

Yellow - you can see the Debbie Bliss turned a light Olive green color, while the cotton is a bright yellow.
 photo DSC05656_zps3e39babf.jpg

Blue - the Debbie Bliss is a lovely light blue, while the cotton is a vibrant blue
 photo DSC05659_zps9bac12da.jpg

Purple - the Debbie Bliss came out more of a Rose Purple and the cotton is a very deep pink/purple
 photo DSC05660_zps89cdec6c.jpg

  Red - the Debbie Bliss is a soft pink, while the cotton is a bright pink/red
 photo DSC05663_zpsb225b05e.jpg

All together
 photo DSC05665_zps900f7f1e.jpg

 photo DSC05664_zpsca7e99d1.jpg

I have started crafting with the over-dyed Debbie Bliss and will share that with you in a couple of days.


  1. Neat! I knew dyes took to different fibers differently, but I like the visuals.

  2. That's a fun collection of colors! Overdyeing is magic. =)

  3. looks good! the sweater i'm knitting now, is out of hand dyed yarn, i don't have enough of one lot and am trying to "make it work" i stalled out and put it away, after reading this, i think i'll finish it and then over dye it, some color, LOL