Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Post Tour De Fleece

I did successfully spin most of the Tour De Fleece and I am still massively in love with my Turkish Spindle, to the point that I am looking into potentially purchasing a couple more as I prefer them.

Any who, when I purchased the spindle I also purchased some maroon, orange, and yellow fiber. I chose to take chunks of each color and make a striping yarn. I spun thin singles, as normal, and Navajo Plied it and then Navajo Plied it again, so the resulting yarn is a 9ply sport/dk weight.

 photo DSC05617_zps9cfa99ad.jpg

 photo DSC05619_zps5675ec15.jpg

 photo DSC05630_zpseeebdd48.jpg

 photo DSC05666_zps99d9f8c5.jpg

 photo DSC05667_zps6eeb7e69.jpg

 photo DSC05670_zpsd36430ad.jpg

 photo DSC05673_zps75a325eb.jpg

It's a small skein and I am almost done with a second one.  I really love how it turned out!  I'll show the second skein when I am done, then who knows what I'll do with the rest of it!


  1. Looks like Virginia Tech colors to me.

    Wonder if I could finally have spindle success with a turkish version?

  2. Love the colors. Can a turkish hold as much yarn as a top whorl of a similar size?