Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spinning Craze - Part 1

I have picked up the fiber from DesigKnit that I got a while ago. In the Sea Anemone color-way, 100% Polwarth.

 photo DSC05721_zps98c0fc83.jpg

 photo 53a1ef52-d674-47a6-a10b-2b4f30aee60b_zps50ad9b37.jpg

Isn't it beautiful? I love watching the colors change, which is the allure to this kind of dyed fiber. The trance of watching them spin and blend and shift and change.

I am using this spindle to bounce between projects, so once I finish this cop I will go back to the yak, spin a cop of that and then come back to this again.  Tomorrow I will show you the yak!

So far I think I will be Navajo plying this is two singles held together, mostly because I want the colors to blend together more, I just love how that ends up looking.  But I might to some test plies when I finish spinning all the singles.


  1. Wow. STUNNING. I love Polwarth, but those colors... I can almost feel the buttery fiber in my fingers.

  2. I love how the colors are coming out as you spin! That transformation never gets old. =)