Friday, September 6, 2013

Spinning Craze - Part 4

I promise this is the last part of the Spinning Craze! Lastly, Malia from Yarn Raising Podcast has a New to You spin-a-long going on in the months of September and October. You can spin a new to you fiber, do a new to you technique, or use a new to you tool. I am using the 40% Camel/40% Merino/20% Silk that I got through the Highland Handmade Luxury Fiber Club. Also where I got the Yak/Merino.

If you could spin clouds in heaven, this is what it would feel like! It's so soft and just drifts apart.

 photo DSC05720_zpscd3306ba.jpg

 photo DSC05719_zpsf37bf7b8.jpg

 photo DSC05718_zps3258834b.jpg

It catches on everything though! Everything! It takes a bit more patience than the other fibers shown earlier through the week, but I know it's so going to be worth it. I know it is frivolous and probably really stupid, but something about this fiber screams to me that is should be a baby garment. . . I know, not wise, but it does. So we shall see.


  1. Love the spindle. I might have to look into a little turkish spindle...

  2. Go for it! Babies come with many frivolous things.

  3. Looks beautiful! I've been playing with the idea of spinning some luxury fibers. You might just tip me over the edge...