Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spinning Craze - Part 3

I know you are starting to think I've gone off the deep end and I definitely have. I have enjoyed the Turkish Spindles so much that it has refueled my love for spinning. I love the pre-made ball/cop so that I don't have to wind off, because that is just so very time consuming. Plus, they are also small enough that I can stick them in a small Tupperware container and shove it in my purse and go. I have been spinning on my breaks and lunches at my temp job.

I don't beleive I ever told you about the Alpaca pencil roving I purchase the Winter of 2011 . . . Wookie fell in love with it, found it while I was at work, shortly after it came to live with me and ripped it apart and spread it over the apartment. It is no longer pencil roving. Most of the pieces aren't more than 4-6 inches long and not all of it was salvageable. I have started spinning it again. It's been a while since it's been spun. I forgot to take of the top-whirl I have with some of it on there. It takes a lot of spin and it wants to spin so thin, that the other spindle was just too heavy. I purchased a Tiny Turkish Spindle and have started spinning it again:

 photo DSC05712_zpsbb9f2ee1.jpg

 photo DSC05711_zpscec9fde6.jpg

 photo DSC05710_zpsd8e26375.jpg

The whole tiny spindle fits in the palm of my hand.

I also have no idea what I am going to do with these singles when I am done, most likely will be at least a 6-ply because anything else will just be too thin.


  1. What a beautiful little spindle! Gg and Sis got into some blue, custom-dyed, alpaca laceweight yarn when Gg was a very little girl. It broke my heart, but the Knight patiently salvaged most of it and I knitted a lovely shawl for a friend with it.

  2. The right tool does make all the difference sometimes! I love those tiny little turkish spindles. I've often been tempted, but haven't yet given in. They are so cute, though!