Sunday, July 6, 2014


Community Inspirations:

I think the theory of this story about Time Banks/Time Trading is good, but in my area no one does it. Bummer!

Recipe Inspirations:
Teriyaki Chicken - - as always, on a bit of an Asian kick

Orange Chicken - - as always, on a bit of an Asian kick

Vietnamese Fried Chicken - - this sounds interesting!

Dr. Pepper Pulled Brisket - - I used to love Coca-Cola Chicken, so this Dr. Pepper Pulled Brisket sounds interesting and potentially delicious!

Chicken Fried Chicken - - does this not sounds super yummy?!?

Orange Pecan Cinnamon Rolls - - I would do them minus the Pecans

Pork Souvlaki - - sounds tasty

Thai Coconut Fish Curry - - sounds interesting

Cheesy Bacon Sausage Brioche Bundt - - sounds disturbingly good!

Cherry Chipotle Wings - - I wouldn't use wings, cause I am not a fan. I wouldn't use a smoker either, cause I don't own one. But wow does this sauce sound delicious!!

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