Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yarn dyeing fun!

Yikes, sorry I disappeared for so many days. I have a wonderful reason. I made myself a warping board and have been experimenting with dyeing self-striping yarn. It has been so much fun I kind of got lost in it. I plan on dyeing some up and starting an Etsy shop.

Here are some of my trial yarns:

Speckled Rainbow - reminds me of my niece, Eleanor, bright and happy
 photo 20140727_200059_zpsglxh86mo.jpg

 photo 20140727_200107_zpsd9lkj5uz.jpg

Heathered Yellowstone - inspired by a picture my sister, Rhoni, took at Yellowstone. I so want to visit Yellowstone now.
 photo 20140728_212713_zpsmgniuqcb.jpg

 photo 20140728_212733_zpsnga9clkc.jpg

Sugar and Spice - inspired by my niece Vera who is very much a girly girl and is very proud of it
 photo 20140728_224023_zpskjna5819.jpg

 photo 20140728_224052_zpsearohkhc.jpg

I just cannot put into words the enjoyment I took from dyeing these up. I hope to do more soon!


  1. Lovely yarns! But more important is the enjoyment you got from it! :o)

  2. They're beautiful! Glad you had fun, too. =)