Monday, July 14, 2014

Tour de Fleece Progress

Well, well, getting back to this is taking a bit of practice in remember to actually post! :) Sorry, having some health issues this week and this wasn't first and foremost on my mind, but back to the crafting! I've been doing my Tour De Fleece project in the Threads Thru Time group on Ravelry and using one of my medium spindles I bought through them last year.  This is only about the first 6 days.

Arcade photo 20140707_174753_zpsuekqceqq.jpg

 photo 20140709_004635_zpsdpdpkmh1.jpg

 photo 20140709_004737_zpsanuqipb9.jpg

 photo 832568b7-a3ad-4e59-b128-abe95571908e_zpsce504f0b.png

Even though I have a wheel, there is something very gratifying about spindle spinning. At first I didn't care for the orange/yellow color because it was so short it blended too much with the green, making it more muddled, but it is growing on me.

The fiber is with 85% BFL and 15% Tussah Silk in the Arcade colorway from Greenwood Fiberworks.  It is lovely to spin, but I love their fiber in general.

I'm usually a matte type of girl and at first wasn't caring so much for the shininess that the silk added to the fiber, but it is also growing on me. I am hoping to finish it, making a chain-ply/3-ply yarn and then pair it with a black fingering weight  to create another Spiral Shawl (Ravelry Link and Blog Link). The stripes would be different, but the shape the same.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I haven't spun in AGES, much less thought about my spindles. Thanks for reminding me. Hope you're doing better?