Friday, April 3, 2009


Remember that box I was telling you that my mom sent me before I went to Washington State? Yes, yes, think back that long ago! Well, here is the goodies . . .

Some thread on wooden spools that were my Grandma Eve's.

A pill bottle of sewing needles, also my grandma's.

Grandma's little scissors.

One of my grandma's wind chimes. My heaven's she owned so many wind chimes that when the wind did blow, you couldn't tell if it was beautiful chaos or just annoying. :) I love hearing it out on my balcony, very beautiful.

These are meaningful to me, because it is nice to have something that was truly a part of the person. Money doesn't matter and it doesn't change things, these are part of who she was and what she did on a day to day basis.

These are earrings my birth father made before he died. I enjoy having these later in life, as I can look at him more as a person now and not just an incredibly crappy father. He had his issues, but he made very pretty jewelry and it's nice to have a crafting tie to him.

I realize now that I don't have anything of my grandfather's, but I am not sure what I would have if I did have anything. He was a humorous old man.

I always loved my grandparents bathroom. It would have seemed tacky by modern standards, but it was a sea foam/teal green color. A long counter with two sinks. A bath tub and a toilet. I love that color, it always reminds me of them. Secretly, I want my bathroom to be that color if I ever own a home. :) I just have convince the boy of that.

Onto the stuff that is purely from my mother:

A clay oven! She can't work with the clay anymore, so she sent it to me. I can't wait to try this out when it gets nicer, cause I can take it outside, so my kitchen doesn't stink up anymore.

Yarn the she padded the box with to discourage damage to the items inside. The boy was not too please about any of this crafting stuff. :)

Clay roller. Already have one, but maybe hers will work a little better than mine.

clay tools! Some good ones I didn't have yet!

I like the looks of this book, because I am not a big time sewer, but I do like to sew. And with venturing more into to cooking, I need plenty of pot holders!

I enjoy working with clay and it's always nice to learn new techniques! Plus try out that new little oven!

This I took back to Washington State with me and gave to my sister, Echo, along with 3 or 4 books I had on soap making. I think this would be a fun thing to learn, but I am so sensitive to scents, I really don't think it'd be like I think of it. Plus, Echo is really into soap and home-made things right now, so hopefully I will receive some pretties for Christmas or my birthday . . . then again, with a new baby, maybe in a few Christmases.

At first glance, I wasn't much interested in this, because I am not a BIG sewer. But, when I read through it and found out the creative way they have you put these things together, I was thinking completely differently. Hopefully I will have some time this summer to try one of these out.

I enjoy creating journals, as you have probably notices from my struggles on here. I love this book, most of all for inspiration, but for some technical stuff too. I already have ideas for my next journal and is it as complex as the mosaic journal . . . probably. But it is new waters to test out and who can resist those??

And I just love this book in general. I would love to someday make one of these, but that would require a nice day and some gourds. So, we shall see, but it is very inspirational too.

some Jillian, have to admit, not a big Bob fan. Would much prefer Jillian!

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