Thursday, April 9, 2009

My socks

So, my socks are going to be knee-highs. I realize this is going to take me quite some time, but this is my new school project, basically I work on it when I only have a few minutes here and there. Since it is stockinette stitch it is really easy for me to get some time to work on it.

Vitals of the Project:

Yarn: Kauni
Content: 100% Wool
Care: Wash in cold water, Do not dry in dryer
Pattern: My own - - just making it fit my foot as well as possible, toe-up
Gauge: Haven't checked yet, I cast on for this sock using the toe-up part that I had created for the other sock I was making, to specifically fit my toe when my sister, Echo, was put into the baby ward to prepare her for Vera coming. I needed something to do with my hands and didn't really care if the sock was the right size or anything, I was willing to frog, I just needed a project. It ended up working well though.
Modifications: With this toe up I forgot to do the provisional cast on . . . as I said before, not a major worry on my mind at the time. I tried just picking up the stitches when I got to that point, to see what it looked like. I like the way it makes it look like "regular" sock, so I kept it. Plus it shows a little more clearly how the color variation is more dramatic than it looks.

I will admit that after a little bit I did have concerns about how long it takes for a color to cycle through in a sock pattern and considered alternating balls of it to make it a little more dramatic and noticeable. But I told myself I would give it to right before the heel to make my decision about the color and its growing on me. I kind of like how subtle it is now, especially since these will be knee-highs. If I was going to make them a regular length, I would probably alternate, just cause not enough of the colors would get a chance to shine. I am really loving these socks so far.

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