Monday, October 26, 2009

CQ Mag Online

CQ Mag Online Volume 8, Issue 4 is out. This is a crazy quilting online magazine. This is a new thing for me, but I have been adding blogs to read that do some really great crazy quilting. I want to try one of these embellished small crazy quilting projects.

I am not going to go through each project like I do in a normal review, but just going to highlight a few things that I find interesting:

Covered Round Tin - - I love the possibilities in this. As an avid container collector, I can easily see this used with other containers also. This would be a nice small project with not too much time commitment.

Easy Ways To Enlarge Your Crazy Quilts - - I like the possibilities of this, mostly because I am not an avid quilter, but do like to sew. The look of some of these blocks, where it is framing the crazy quilting like art, really jumps out at me and I love it.

Creating Painted and Dyed Back Grounds - - Love this article. I have so missed doing things like this since I took that fibers class at the college. She does a great job at explaining colors and how to work them together. So very much want to do something like this soon.

Any who, as a fiber pusher in general, I definitely suggest going and taking a peak. Especially if you have any interest in crazy quilting! They have numerous back issues that you can also look through.

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  1. Heh. Not that I need temptation, but thanks for the links! It's fun to look, even if I don't have a sewing machine and quilting stash handy. =)