Friday, October 23, 2009

Wild Things

I went to the movies yesterday night and saw the movie Where The Wild Things Are. Unfortunately, I don't think I could be more disappointed in the movie. I had heard good things about the movie(granted it was from some interesting people I work with). It was filmed very erratically, it reminded me of Blair Witch. Lots of jumbling, like filming a documentary. Lots of extreme highs in the movies followed by extreme anger or sadness. I understand it may have been that way intentionally, to be from the point of view of an emotional child. But it was unpleasant. I seriously considered leaving about half way through, but stayed. I would personally not recommend it. I am very glad I didn't pay much to see it. The boy got free tickets from his work and we had to pay $1.50 each to upgrade to see the movie because it was still considered a new movie. In all honesty, it wasn't worth the $3 dollars. Very disappointing.

There is not a Food Friday today, because this week has just been hectic with school. Next week I should have one, but it will not be consistent for the rest of the semester (mid-December). Classes are always busier in the second half of the semester. Plus, I am having to do a lot of stuff to prepare for student teaching next semester.


  1. It happens :) Cooking is meant to be fun so do it when you can no need to force it!

  2. And sorry the movie wasn't any good... me and the boy think maybe will wait for the video now...

  3. It's so disappointing when a movie is bad, and it's worse when you have so little time to begin with. At least it was only $3!