Thursday, October 1, 2009


I purchased some yarn that is 77% bamboo and 23% superwash merino . . . I want to knit socks from this.

Would it work well?

Should I use a really tight gauge to counteract the yarn relaxing?

Has anyone ever used a bamboo or predominantly bamboo blend for socks?

I would really love some feedback.


  1. I've only used bamboo in socks once (it was less than 50% bamboo, the rest merino, if I remember right). I didn't have a great experience...they were great to knit, had beautiful stitch definition, fit perfectly, and wore out in less than two months with very little foot-time. I know lots of people use bamboo, though, so it could have been a fluke. The yarn made great socks...just be sure to wear them gently!

  2. I've not knitted socks with bamboo, but I have had a vest grow to monster proportions made of 100% bamboo, so I'll be watching to see what you do!

  3. I would think that 77% bamboo is too much for a successful sock yarn. You could cut the proportions and spin a small amount of the bamboo with additional superwash.

  4. Technically, you can knit socks with ANYTHING, the question is more how well will they wear, after? Bamboo has no 'stretch' to it, so keeping the socks up will likely be difficult. Bamboo is Rayon by another name, and you never see commercial socks knit with much rayon content, and I figure there's gotta be a reason for that.

    If you DO knit them, I'd use lots of ribbing, make them ankle socks, and knit as tightly as possible without rendering the socks unstretchy or your hands painful. Definitely do a gauge swatch, and wash it first.