Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interweave Crochet

Today arrived my copy of the Fall 2009 Interweave Crochet magazine.

~Szechuan Sweater - - Honestly, still a big fan of Robyn Chachula. I love the fit and drape of her items and this one does not fail. I love how it looks on the model. It looks very comfortable and well made. Love the frog closures! Robyn Chachula.

~Veronica Sweater - - I like the asymmetrical collar. The design looks very well fitted. I would probably adjust the button band some as the pulling on it is not flattering. Just make it more secure . . . maybe a ribbon on the back. Sarah Barbour.

~Moss Fern Wrap - - Very pretty. I like how geometrical and yet soft it looks. Lovely little contradiction. Kimberly K. McAlindin.

~Spice Market Tunic - - Love the design! Love the structured look. I like how the neckline isn't your average neckline. Such small attention to little details really add up to a wonderful design. The stitch patterns she used work so well together too! Looks like a great design, fits the model well too. Sheryl Means.

~Fortune Cookie Bag - - Not sure I like the flap and its hoodie shape. I understand the gimmick-ish part of it, but it doesn't actually look much like a fortune cookie to me, nor does it looks aesthetically appealing to me. Josephine Woo. It looks as if she keeps her better designs as ones you can purchase from her.

~Larkspur Wrap Sweater - - A nice looking piece. Don't so much care for how the shoulders sit, but otherwise looks nice. It doesn't quite look like the piece fit the model very well though, the wrong size? Sleeves a little too short, not a normal length. Looks a little like it's falling off of her shoulders . . .maybe to make the sleeves look longer? Not sure. Looks like it has potential, but isn't quite there. Well, I guess it does fit the model as intended . . . as it fits the designer in the same way on her blog. Not my style. Ellen Gormley.

~painted Desert Skirt - - Not a fan of this. The pleats look like bulky afterthoughts. It does not look flattering on the model. Just not a fan at all. I do the band on top and how it buttons, that is all. Kristin Omdahl.

~Cappuccino Cardigan - - Little disappointing that it only goes up to 41" bust, especially since it seems to be meant to be work with ease. Although the design doesn't look very complicated and could probably be easily sized up . . . so why didn't the designer do it? Any who, nice and simple design. I like the A-line look and it is well done. Designer is Maureen Basher, no blog.

~Tahoe Hat - - I like the two stitch patterns together. Nice hat. Designer is Marcy Smith, editor of Interweave Crochet. Pattern was made for their spotlight charity, Hat Box Foundation.

~Moorish Mosaic Afghan - - I like it, but don't. I think the design is nice, but so many of the squares were made with the colors in different places that it looks chaotic. Like an afterthought to be put together as one blanket. I think there are possibilities within this design, just more color structure is needed. Lisa Naskrent.

~Leaf Peeper Hats - - Nice hats, with a variety of different kinds. Designer is Lisa Soutendijk, no blog.

~Pink Lady Scarf - - Nice, simple scarf. Stitch pattern is simple enough as to not look overwhelming, but is present. Designer is Lisa Kugler, no blog.

~Orchard Mitts - - Love the stitch pattern used in this. The yarn works perfectly also. A nice and simple design that was very well executed! Chelsea Norquay, doesn't seem to blog much, but seems very talented.

~Adirondack Socks - - I think these are some of the best looking crochet socks I have ever seen. They actually look like they fit well and are comfortable. Definitely going to try this pattern when things slow down a bit! Patsy Harbor.

~Apple Cider Mittens - - They look nice. Not much of a mitten person myself, so I am not sure what to look for. I think it would be nice to try to make the hand in just the main color and add thrums of color afterward to make the mittens a bit warmer. Julia Vaconsin.

~October Vest - - It's nice to see guy stuff, but it doesn't seem to actually fit very well, six inches of ease? WTF?. Also seems a little short on him. There is not real shaping to any part of it. Oddly enough, it seems like the pictures on the site are more appealing than the ones they published in the magazine. Nah, don't care for it. Blue Ridge Cardigan - - Firstly, I am not a fan of applique. If you take the appliqued leaves off of this item, it looks like a nice cardigan. I like the button loops. It looks well structured and I like the shoulder seam. I could see this as a nice cardigan, without the leaves. Edie Eckman, website, no blog.

~Curried Cable Jacket - - Oddly . . . I really like this. I like the overlay which hides the zipper. I like the crocheted cables. I like the collar which kind of stands up. I would probably make it just a tad longer, but not much. I am usually not for short things, but this looks really good short. I don't necessarily think I would look good in something like this . . . but I do love the design. Pricila Gomes, website, no blog.

~Campus Field Cap - - I can easily see how some people might really like this , but I am not quite a hat person, much less a unique hat person. It looks well made and designed, just not something I would wear. Odd note, whomever photographed the item, did a bad job with the model. Her nose piercing(?) looks like her nose is decaying. Jennifer J. Cirka.

~Swirling Bag - - Book Excerpt Pattern, from the book Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible Projects to Make & Give by Kim Werker. It's oddly constructed. I am not usually one for bags . . . I am not all that girlie. But any who, I think this would make a lovely project bag. I love the construction of it. I hope I have time to make this in the future.

~Filet of Soul: One Man's Journey into Crochet - - Amusing article, but I am sure there are many who can relate to it. It is easy to put down another craft when you don't understand the intricacies that are involved. Franklin Habit.

~Finding Closure - - An article on how to stabilize fabric for closures. How to do zippers, hook & eye closures, and frog closures.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Over all, the fit of the clothing is very good, especially for it being an Interweave magazine. I liked a lot of the pieces. I think these showcased some of the differences the make good designers stand out. A good designer can make even a simple piece look beautiful. You don't need to try to pack a hundred different aspect into a design to try and prove you are a good designer . . . it usually just points out that you aren't. This issue, Fall 2209, has made me glad I subscribe to Interweave Crochet. Hopefully it continues like this!


  1. I really liked a lot of those patterns, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hmmm... Will this be the issue that gets me to subscribe?

  3. This issue is almost enough to make me pick up the hooks again. Almost. Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Thanks for these reviews, it's great. I can decide if I'm buying it or not! Your saving me money, which means I can buy more yarn! right??

  5. Thanks for the shout out to my blog :) I designed the orchard mitts...I have a busy school schedule to keep up but I try to update my blog atleast once a month. Great reviews for all the patterns!