Friday, September 18, 2009


I was going to do a Food Friday today, really, I was. However, my soup ended up being more of a casserole since I over estimated how many noodles and beans to put in the soup! This is a common error of mine, unfortunately, this is why I do better with a recipe to base things off of. It's still good, just now what was intended. :) So we will return next Friday with a Food Friday.

So I have a few glimpses for you:

First, there is a good chance that I will not have time to finish the online tatting class that I started, hopefully she will run the class again. I am still catching up on school work from being sick and studying for tests this coming week. Tatting homework is getting more intense and I have missed the homework for the last two weeks, unfortunately. We shall see if I can catch up. This is part 1 of 2 things that were assigned a couple weeks ago. We were to pick a fellow classmates design and test tat it for them.

I chose to use some thicker crochet thread for this design as I thought it would compliment the design. I am also using two colors. It basically gets pulled out when I have a couple minutes between classes, because it's easy and very portable.

Secondly, we have my adventures in lace knitting:

However, from experimenting with the gossamer lace booklet, I don't think I should jump into the Olympic version of knitting. Instead I have chosen a doily pattern from Yarn Over to knit. I like their designs and they are easy to follow. Obviously it will look somewhat different since this version will be very open and lacy. It's going well though. After shoving my concerns aside and just going for it and just accepting it for what it is . . . I am actually enjoying it. We shall see if this lace knitting thing sticks with me, I've only had time to do about 17 or so rows.


  1. I absolutely love the lace knitting, I am so going to have to give that a try

  2. The lace knitting is so lovely. I'm still having tatting envy.

  3. Looks good so far! It's always fun to try something new. Hope you continue to enjoy the lace!