Saturday, September 12, 2009

Knitty Fall 2009

Well, it's that time again. The new Knitty is out.

Love the feature they have now of "Print Everything" or "Print Essentials"!

~Hex - - The lace pattern is simple but pretty. The shape and design of it would probably look really nice as a rug in another yarn. It's general design kind of reminds of a simplified Persian Rug. On a side note, I love the dress the model is wearing.

~Riverbanks - - Mixed feelings. I think I would like this better in another color. I also don't much care for the pointed part. It seems like short rows of some kind would have worked better. In general good idea, just not executed as I would prefer. If you look HERE, which is the designer's blog post, she shows a solid blue version, which I like much more and don't even mind the point as much.

~Colonnade - - Simple and nice. I like the way they show it worn and how the center part is solid. Basically warmth, but pretty also. I think even the capelet idea is cute.

~Bel - - First, I love the middle back. A lovely detail. I do think this would look better in a solid color for any of us larger gals, simply because the vertical stripes are not all that flattering. Otherwise the design looks very wearable. Especially in fall/spring times. I could definitely see myself wearing this.

~Girl Friday - - Nice and simple. I like it. Although if I knit it I would try to figure out a way to change it to a raglan shape, might not be possible due to the stitch pattern. Not much for the way the sleeves set into the body, but that is a complete personal preference.

~Holla - - Yes and no. I like the cabling and it looks like a comfy hoodie. I don't like how baggy it is or how it flairs out on the bottom. It's hard to tell, but the one picture with the hood on, doesn't seem to be flattering. It looks too small and very pointed. Overall, makes the model look probably bigger than she actually is.

~Renaissance - - Again with the vertical stripes. First what I like, I do like the "pleat" at the bottom of the V-neck, it is a nice attention point. Unfortunately that is all. The top makes the model look bigger than she probably is. The vertical stripes are not flattering. The thought keeps entering my mind that it might be better if it had been knit in a much finer yarn and therefor making everything look more delicate and less chunky. I am not sure though.

~Ruby Red - - Don't much care for it, unfortunately. The open, flared part at the bottom might look good on skinny people, but it will accentuate a problem area for larger girls. The buttons looked strained anyways and she is a small girl, I know that might be the look she wanted, but it makes the garment looks too small on her. The collar opens up too much, like the collar is too big for her. I just don't understand the puffy sleeves. The garment seems to have a lot of contradictions within it.

~Margot - - Such simplicity and yet it works so very well. The slight shaping looks wonderful on her. Very nice.

~Hydrangea - - WTF? I never understand the look of tank tops over dress shirts anyways, but this really doesn't look flattering. A mohair tank top?? Any who, this design would make much more sense if it had been a vest or sweater, especially sweater. The whole thin and layering thing is still in and would have worked well for that.

~Indian Summer Shrug - - Also don't so much understand the purpose of shrugs. This one seems both too big and restricting at once. Nothing more to say.

~Clandestine - - Ah, a Cookie A. design. Cookie is usually the one who breaks my belief of simplicity and beauty, as her designs are usually complicated and beautiful. I love the mirror image. Very nice.

~Cathedral - - The design looks interesting, but is hard to see in the fuzzy and colorful yarn. I like how the heel wasn't just something plain, but part of the design.

~Hat-heel Sock - - Very intrigued by the construction of these socks. Honestly can't wait to try this out. I am a sucker for learning new techniques.

~Midsummer Night's Dream - - Simple and nice.

~1 across - - Neat idea. Without the beads on there I wouldn't necessarily associate it with crossword puzzles. Not a huge fan of crossword puzzles though. I do like the look of the hat in general though, even without the crossword association.

~Sweetspot Scarf/ghan - - The theory behind this is very interesting. It almost makes a hidden art. My disappointment would be that this cannot really be transferred to many other items as it requires knitting flat and a certain number of stitches. But it is nifty.

~Kindly Sheep - - Nice idea, but for people like me, I have a hard enough time keeping track of two gloves, much less four pieces. I'm not to great with fiddly hook closures either.

~Kernel - - Simple and nice. It works well with the different yarn colors she chose, you can see the stitch pattern and the beautiful yarn at the same time.

~Mi Escuelita - - Nice and cute. I don't know much about kids cloths, so I don't have much to say. It does look a little short, which could be easily fixed, but that could just be the camera angle.

~Tanis - - Eh, I don't much care for this. Other than the colors, it's a fairly normal looking, nothing special hat. Not really for the shape or the colors.

~Zozo - - I honestly think these are adorable! I love the seeming simplicity of making them, but how complex and lovely the little guys look. Too freaking adorable! Will have to make these sometime.

Overall, it was a fairly good Knitty. As always, these are only my opinions and I encourage you to take a look at the patterns.


  1. We're in agreement on a lot of things, but Riverbanks was the first thing to jump in my queue. I don't wear a hood of any sort except when I'm walking the dogs, so the point doesn't bother me.

    Shrugs - that one hasn't one me over, but I have one I adore. Maybe it isn't the most flattering thing I've made me, but it's comfy and I love the yarn.

    Now, to tink back or frog several rows of Gaia...

  2. Great review, I can't wait to try the Hat Heel Sock, not to mention the Zozo.

  3. Agreed, on almost everything. Hydrangea could be nice as a vest, but not with spaghetti straps. I don't understand why everyone says that vertical stripes are automatically flattering...I've never found them to be so. My only experience with making a shrug was disastrous...I made it in a novelty yarn that stretched like crazy, so I had sleeves as long as I was tall, and it was so fuzzy that I looked like a linebacker (with gorilla arms!). It's back in the stash, waiting for a day when I'm patient enough to frog it all. I'm still a little bitter. Sweetspot uses the same stitch pattern that I am using for the alpaca rainbow sweater. It's an amazingly versatile stitch, though you would need a flat project to get the "sweet spot" that they show.

    Thanks for the tour of the new knitty!