Friday, September 11, 2009


One doesn't necessarily need to finish something to feel accomplished. When I was sick, a lot of things did not get accomplished, it kind of felt like a mud slide. I felt like doing nothing but sleeping. Today is the first day that I feel accomplished.

The apartment is not clean, but I did dishes and made some stir fry food for the boy to take to work tonight.

My mom, niece and sister's stuff is still not finished, but they are closer.

I did not blog every day this week, but every day that I was feeling better I did.

I exercised today. I called the dentist today. I am off to the bank and work shortly.

So I will leave you with some pictures:

Here is my homework (torso study), in which we had to pick 3 torsos from a xeroxed hand out and recreate them.

And I practiced a bit with this today! :)


  1. Baby steps sometimes are the best, I like your drawings :)

  2. I'm always envious of anyone that can draw. Those are very good!

  3. That's such a good feeling, isn't it? Glad you're feeling better! So, what do you think of the lace? Huh? Huh? =)