Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well, I am sick. So far it just seems like it has been some version of the flu. The boy was worried it might be swine flu, but if it is, it doesn't seem to be infecting me any worse than a regular flu.

I started to feel bad Tuesday toward the end of classes. Spent Tuesday night with a fever and vomiting. Fever had gone down a little Wednesday, I thought I was feeling better, but I spent the day sleeping and eating toast with butter and drinking water. I tried plain chips later in the day and got horribly nauseous again. This morning my fever had gone down to 99 (my normal temp is around 97.5) and I thought I was okay enough to go to school, but eating cereal and showering completely wore me out and I ended up throwing up all my cereal. So I missed all my dentist appointment, work study, and all my classes on Wednesday and today. Great way to start out the first week of school, huh?

Yeah, right now I am trying to eat some chicken broth and bread because I have to work tomorrow night! Hope everyone else had a better week than mine.