Monday, September 7, 2009

Sigh of relief

Boy has this been a long week, I should be back to normal sooner than the end of the semester though. Things have happened that made me realize I needed to think about what I really wanted to do.

First thank you all for your well wishes and get wells. It is much appreciated.

~Spent Saturday night and Sunday morning(14 hours) in ER due to chest pain and trouble breathing. Long story short, I thank goodness do not have blood clots in my lungs or anything wrong with my heart. In the end, evidently, my cold irritated my heart burn to the point that stomach acid was pushed up into my esophagus and into my bronchial tubes where it caused horrible (felt like I was dying) chest pain and made it hard to breath.

~I also never want to have to have at CT SCAN ever again.

~I need to focus on taking even better care of myself, my snail's pace of fixing things is not going to work, I need to get my butt in gear.

~I was firm with my boss and will only be working three shifts a week.

~I cut my class load from 5 to 4, by dropping Printmaking and Paper Making(same teacher for both). I decided that the teacher was an too much of a complete jerk for me to be able to deal with him stress wise for a whole semester and picked up Drawing III, instead.

~I bought a whole bunch of extra heartburn medicine at Wal*Mart and will now be taking one pill every 12 hours, instead of taking 1 a day.

~I will not really be trying to integrate much dairy back into my diet as the doctor explained that dairy/milk can be very irritating to an acidic stomach like mine and that might be why I am lactose intolerant.

~You might see more drawing, painting, etc. on here. I had an odd dream last night in which I was a viewer watching two of ME discuss where I wanted to go with my art. They came to an agreement that I don't really do enough drawing and stuff anymore. Odd, I know, I rarely have odd dreams. Usually I dream that I get up, go to work, do dishes, etc . . . very boring. Any who, I think the dream had a point.

~I like blogging and want to do it more, my first goal is to blog for every day for the rest of this week. I need more goals.

~I will try to make an art portfolio bag this week out of duck cloth so I can ride my bike everyday, even when I need to take my art portfolio bag to school. Those paper ones fall apart so easily.

So, I will see you again tomorrow. The future looks brighter than it did a week ago.


  1. Glad to hear that things are getting better. Those all sound like good steps!

  2. Good for you! We all have to put ourselves first. Love that you dreamed about art!

  3. I love your art, can't wait to see some more of it!

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I understand the fun of that whole acid bit. When the reflux kicks into higher gear it is painful! Take care of yourself.. you only get one body!

  5. do you remember this song?. . . "I Love, you hoo hoo, you hoo hoo, you hoo hoo ooo . . " give you a hint, two of my fave 'veggies' sing it :) and it's true I love you lots, hope you get even better.