Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tatting - - Lesson 4

This lesson was about beginning to design. We were given the first row, which we could changed the amount of stitches in the rings and chains, but we had to keep 8 rings, each separated by a chain and it needed to form a flat circle. The only other point was, you could only attach the second row on every other chain, to create some open negative space.

Close-up of my stitches. I think my tension may be a little too snug.

And here is my motif. The second row is made up of circles that get smaller and then larger. It was a bit of a pain to work it out and there are still things I'd change, but it is good for now.

Row 1 : R(4-4-4-4), Ch(6-6), [R(4+4-4-4), Ch 12, R(4+4-4-4), Ch(6-6)] Do a total of 3 times. End with R(4+4-4+4), Ch(12).

Row 2 : Ch(2+2), R(2-2-2), [Ch(6), R(4+6-4), Ch(7), R(6+10-6), Ch(8), R(8+20*2), R(2+20-8), Ch(8), R(6+10-6), Ch(7), R(4+6-4), Ch(6), R(2+2-2), Ch(2+2), R(2+2-2)] Do a total of 3 times. Last Ring(2+2+2) and attach loose ends and finish off.

- Regular size picot
* Tiny picot
-- Large picot
+ Join

Overall feelings about this. It was nice to design, a bit of work, but worth it. I will probably still improve this design. Maybe add some picots to the outside . . . maybe make it have more rows, but for now I am satisfied with how it looks.


  1. I just love that, excellent job !!!

  2. Super design Jodi, lots more potential in it.

  3. I love your progression from tiny to big rings in the 2nd row. Very well thought out!

  4. I have tried to tatt a few times, your looks lovely. Maybe I'll try again one day.

  5. It looks like a fractal to me! (I love fractals...)