Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crochet Today!

Crochet Today! issue for September/October 2009. This will be my last review of this magazine for a while, as I believe this is the last issue in my subscription and I will not be renewing my subscription.

Any how, onto the patterns:

~Tin Can Tune-Up - - I like the idea of this, because I think we should reuse items like these instead of simply throwing them away. I like the shell pattern more, but that's just me. This would be a good idea when I become a teacher too. Designer is Linda Permann of Lindamade.

~Upcycled Tee - - Not completely sure how I feel about this. I think the obvious white yarn being attached to the purple shirt looks tacky. Not sure how I'd change that though. I do kind of like the lace part added to it though. Designer is Cal Patch.

~Woodsy Acorn Pots - - Cute as maybe a toy for a child or pet. Anything more than that and I would think the lid/top would need to have the option of being more secure. Designer is Brett Bara(Editor in Chief of this magazine) of Manhattan Craft Room.

~Everyday Dish Cloths - - kind of don't see the point in this. They are basically large swatches. We all know how to do that, we don't need a pattern for that. They can't possibly all that unique of stitches otherwise Crochet Today! would have shown the pattern better in the picture. Designer is Maya Mackowiak Elson(Assistant Editor for this magazine).

~Earth-Friendly Tote - - I don't get this either. How many bazillion market type bags have we already seen? Where is something different? And what about the way the model is holding the bag? It looks like there is nothing but foam blocks in it. Designer is Mary Jan Hall.

~Sunshine and Shade Throw - - I like the motif pattern. It looks simple and yet appealing. Not over done. I think it would look wonderfully delicate in a smaller yarn and hook. Designer is Katherine Eng.

~Lacy River Rocks - - I think this is kind of nifty and kind of tacky. I usually think rocks are interesting enough looking, they don't need to be covered in crochet. It is kind of nifty in a art form way, but why hide the beauty of the rock? Designer is Margaret Oomen of resurrection fern.

~Stellar Motif Tunic - - Well, I do like it. If you read my blog, you know I tend to like things made by Robyn Chachula. I like the motif top. I really so need to make myself a crochet top sometime. I think the cowl neck looks great in contrast with the open work of the motifs. It is tempting. Designer is Robyn Chachula of Crochet by Faye.

~Basketweave Capelet - - WTF? How is this thing even remotely flattering? It looks like she has the upper body of a linebacker. Unfortunately, I have nothing nice to say about this design. Designer is Mari Lynn Patrick.

~Ripple Cloud Afghan - - I don't care for this one either. It looks sloppy and quickly put together with no thought of how the item looks. Even the shapes are not pleasing to the eye. It's ridiculous. Designer is Marty Miller of not your granny's crochet.

~Raspberry Beret - - Not a beret person, but it does look like one of the better fitting crochet beret patterns I have seen. Designer is Linda Permann of Lindamade.

~Saved by the Bell - - I think this is a cute clock toy. It is simple and neat looking. Let's face it, it is also kind of adorable. Designer is Samantha Wilson.

~Perfect Fall Cardi - - It is okay, but the sleeves seem a little big/baggy on her. The sweater would probably look better crocheted in a finer yarn, not so holey. Designer is Candi Jensen.

~School Spirit Afghan - - Nice, but nothing special. Designer is Bobbi Anderson.

~His Best Vest - - A cute little vest. Was concerned that it wouldn't look as cute on a boy in regular clothing, but this post on the designers blog shows it can look cute in regular clothing too. Simple and nice. Designer is Ellen K. Gormley of Go Crochet.

~Floaty Fall Scarf - - I like this. Cute and simple. Designer is Susan Jeffers.

~Pretty Pencil Case - - I like this, mostly because I love pencil cases that have this shape. I adore it. I love that the designer has enough faith in the magazine's readers to use a zipper in this piece. Don't be surprised if you see this as a Wip and hopefully an FO on the blog sometime. Designer is Mary Jane Hall of mjcrochet.

~Ghoulish Candy Bag - - It is cute. A nice little candy basket/bag for kids. Designer is Regina Rioux Gonzalez of Monster Crochet.

~Crafty Disguises - - Even though the picture shows one, there are actually two kinds of mustaches and a mask. I think these would be cute things for dress up, etc. with little kids. They seem easy enough to make and quick. Designer is Linda Permann of Lindamade.

~Trick or Treat Blanket - - It's okay, but doesn't necessarily do anything for me. I tend to like blankets more where designs are worked into the object and not appliqued on. Designer is Alison Grenier.

~Halloween Hats - - Cute, probably more of a dress up thing than a Halloween thing. Designer is Regina Rioux Gonzalez of Monster Crochet.

Overall, there are some neat items in here, but it's basically the same reasons as before as to why I will not continue my subscription. The designs mostly aren't jump out and grab me type of designs. Again, but not as much this time there are multiple projects made by the same designer. It just doesn't seem to really be going anywhere. It's too bad.

Now, off to sleep.

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  1. I appreciate your reviews. Unfortunately, I share your opinions (it seems) and thus, don't have a subscription to any crochet magazines.