Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tatting Homework #2

Home work #2 was about picots and joining. Our stitch counts were to remain the same throughout this lesson to see how differently the design was effected.


The first one was to have the least amount of picots required.

Here, there were to be 3 decorative picots. First I chose three picots on the tops of the rings.

Then I tried three picots, 2 on the top of the rings and one in the center of the chain.

Here, there were to be 5 decorative picots.


The first one is joining about the center point. The thing I learned here, is that to join above, may mean your chains need to change length or that your picots may need to be longer depending on your desired effect.

Here it is joined below the center point, using the same sized picots I had been using throughout the other designs.

Here I tried joining below center point, but making the picots minute in size.

I am still enjoying this class so far. I ended up taking a little longer than the rest of the class. But it also makes me want to try out different variations of the lessons, so I definitely think I getting what I need from the class.

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  1. Those are very interesting and it looks like a lot of work :)