Friday, August 14, 2009

Road blocks

Still working on stuff, it has been happening just right where the boy and I have been awake at the same times due to my weird work schedule, so we've been hanging out, making food and playing video games.

I have a couple magazine review to finish and post. I've been working on tatting homework and finishing up late and very late birthday presents. School starts in about 2.3 weeks, so I want to finish it all up before then because it'll be a busy semester.

My itty-bitty needles arrived today, but I need to finish the above mentioned gifts before I start swatching again.

Lastly, Food Friday may get more interesting as it seems there is a chance that my body has decided to be lactose intolerant now. I know, yippee skippee, right? I am such a dairy lover too. Blah. So next three-ish weeks are spent dairy free . . . completely. It's going to be trying. To see if it is definitely the culprit. Then we slowly work some stuff back in to see just how intolerant I am of dairy. Ugh.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. Lactose intolerance is not fun for the dairy lovers among us. But it's workable. You'll probably be able to add a lot of things back in, in small amounts, so hopefully it won't be cold turkey. Lactaid capsules really help for restaurants and other public situations where there aren't many non-dairy choices...I always keep a few in my purse.

    I'm going to be so spoiled here in Germany. They have lactose-free versions of everything here. I even had lactose free cream made into a lactose-free chocolate mousse on Sunday. It's been /years/ since I've had chocolate mousse...