Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peek-a-boo, I see you

Yes, I am still here, it's been a busier work week. As you can see a post back, I have been busy with tatting homework, and then there is this:

Blue/Gray shifting to a gold color : 100% wool
Orange : Silk/Merino Blend

Heide from Serendipitous Opportuknitty offered some cobweb yarn up about a month ago, she didn't end up liking the yarn because in her words the yarn was too fine for her to see. I was more than willing to try. So I have been swatching, and yes, I realize that I didn't take any pictures of the swatches, sorry. Now I am sure some of you are thinking . . . but you don't even like lace knitting. True and not true.

~Open meshes stockinette created by using needles that are technically too big for the yarn.
~Large projects to carry around.

~Thin yarn.
~Tiny needles.

She also sent this booklet:

It suggests using US 0 or US 1 needles. I thought well, this is perfect. Not quite, I almost always have to go down in size to get gauge and I still thought the US 0 was too loose. So then I tried the smallest needles I own, US 000. This was so very close to what I was looking for, but not quite. So what is a girl to do? Order even smaller needles of course! I'll keep you updated when my new needles arrive and how the swatching goes.


  1. That book looks very interesting, I'm going to have to check that one out :)

  2. that yarn is going to knit up beautifully

  3. With that enticement, it's no wonder that you're willing to give lace a try. =)

    Looks like a great book, and the yarn is beautiful.

    Quadruple oughts? You do like tiny needles!