Friday, February 19, 2010

Gluten Review - Cherrybrook Kitchen Fudge Brownie Mix

Earlier this week I made brownies with Cherrybrook Kitchen Fudge Brownie Mix. Preparation was simple. Baking time says 12-14 minutes on the box, web page says 14-18, however, my baking time was 19 minutes for gooey-ish brownies. Probably would have needed 4 more minutes or so for cake like brownies. This was unusual for me, because my oven tends to run warm and I usually have to cut the time short, so watch for the time.

Were they as good as regular brownies? They were extremely close! If they didn't have the some-what grainy texture they would have been perfect. I will definitely be trying more of the Cherrybrook Kitchen items. Even the boy ate a few of them.

p.s. It's okay to lick the spoon, but it's not a must. :)