Thursday, February 18, 2010

Newly spun yarn

I finished some roving I started spinning a while ago. It is from my hand-dyed roving, from this session.

Here is the roving after it was dyed:

And the spun up yarn:

Oddly enough, the water was clear for this yarn, but while spinning, the roving would turn my fingers highlighter pink. Just an interesting oddity.

It made a nice little skein of heavy lace-weight or light fingering-weight yarn. It's a deep dark-chocolate brown with teal highlights. It turned out quite lovely, I think. ** forgot to add: It is about 40-ish yards or so of 3-ply (Navajo plied).

It's got my mind going with dyeing ideas this spring/summer. Can't wait!


  1. This yarn is lovely. The colors are quite intersting, and it's a little shiny! I always want to dye in Spring, early Summer. Still haven't spun the last fibers I dyed. :o)

  2. Insanely beautiful. Will it become a rockin' shawl for you?

  3. I love the flecks of blue against the dark background. I probably would have used a more muted blue, but I really like the way the brightness makes it stand out. It's so much fun to play with color! (And I can't wait for summer dyeing, either!)

  4. Very nice! Interesting that it turned your fingers pink. This is sure to knit up nicely.