Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New sock knitting . . . .

Thursday the Knitty surprises showed up and I immediately cast on for SKEW.

It's a very nifty pattern. The construction so far is interesting but these will be socks that are either gifted or donated. The "anatomical" toe doesn't fit me because my toes do not have that severe slant that most people's do. My toes make more of a rounded shape. Plus, my gauge is a little small.

I started each sock from a different skein. The insides of each one just happen to begin at the same spot in the self-striping pattern. So far it looks like the sock will be identical.

I decided to knit both at a time. I think I might do this more often. Both socks have my full attention and are moving at a nice pace.

Yarn: Sensations Soles & More
Content: 75% wool and 25% nylon
Color: Purple/Pink/Grey
Needles: US 00 / 1.75mm (metal)
Gauge(approx): 9.5 sts per inch / 13.25 rows per inch

Definitely enjoying making these socks. Think I might try these Arch-Shaped Socks next.

Will be back tomorrow with some newly spun yarn!


  1. Beautiful!! Love the yarn, and I can't wait to hear what you think of the pattern...

  2. Huh. That is an interesting construction. I know what you mean about the rounded toes; I always have to increase a lot faster than patterns suggest. It's also interesting that you're working both socks simultaneously but not on circs...I might have to try that sometime.

  3. Looks like a very odd sock! Does it feel normal on the foot, even though you have odd feet?

  4. Photos catch my attention first and I thought you were making a bikini top ; )

    SO happy these are socks. Not that knit bikini tops should never be worn, I just can't imagine one out of self patterning yarn.