Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A successful learning experience...

All experiences are learning experiences . . . yet not all are successful experiences within themselves. This one was definitely a successful experience and I am quite proud of this experience. I am sure my sister would have preferred it in a more timely manner, but we all know I don't work with time well.

Purple cotton thread
Purple cotton fabric
Patterned cotton fabric
foam - filler for purple stripes up bag and padding in top portion of handles
hemp cord - 4 strands together provided filling for cording
4 small D-rings

These first two pictures are washed out. It is just too darn frustrating to take good pictures in winter, when it's snowing.

Here is the bag, sitting on it's own. It is rectangular shaped tote-bag. I made it large enough to easily fit 8x10 items. The purple stripes up the front and back of the bag come out a bit because they have foam padding it them so they are more than just flat stripes.

Here is a detail shot. It's the details that I really love about this purse. All seams are the purse are corded. This is the first time I applied cording to anything. Boy is that a frustrating process, quadrupled my time spent easily, but I definitely think it was worth it. The top purple trim was hand sewn both on the inside and outside with an invisible hem stitch.

The lining is the same color as the outside.

Here is a full length shot. The handles have foam padding around the top arc for comfort.

D-rings connect the stripes to the handles.

The boy was a big help when I went shopping for this fabric. I wanted to use a different purple and he suggested I use this one. He is getting to be such a useful helper.

I really love the way this bag turned out. Would I make another one? Most definitely, at least this time I would know just how much work would go into it. Definitely worth making it have all the details that I wanted it to. I am sure my sister will like it.


  1. I would love it! It's a lovely bag, and very nice fabric!

  2. Beautiful! Congrats on a job well-done.

  3. The colors are right up here lane... I am sure she will love it. Sorry to hear about teaching. I am glad you are happy with your choice though. I am sure you will find something that fits with you.

  4. Love it! And yay for successful learning experiences! I've thought a few times about making some bags, but haven't yet managed to find the patience to sit down and do all the finicky finishing work. It looks beautiful, though. The cording really makes it look professional. I'm sure she'll love it!

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous !!!!

  6. I still LOVE this bag, I dont know where I'd be without it