Friday, August 15, 2008

Dyeing Fun

Since school starts up in a little over a week I have been cleaning and reorganizing stuff to make it more manageable when school starts. I wanted to condense my dyeing stuff so I wanted to use some of the dyes I had mixed already from previous dyeing sessions.


This batch was made first. I had like four different reds, two different oranges, a yellow, and some purples left that I used on this.


And this beauty was a happy accident, which only reminds me of Bob Ross. I decided haphazardly that I would mix all the remaining dyes together and dye something in it. I had a nice amount of black, some green, a little left over of the reds and oranges. I mixed them all together and cooked this in a pot. I love so much the way it turned out and find it rather disappointing that it is impossible to duplicate.

The Sleek Mistress is definitely going to go to something special. Overall, great dyeing experience last night. Reminded my why I love it so much.

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