Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More and Less

Well, a bit of the garden has been pulled up. Mostly due to bugs which I can no longer keep up with. However, some are thriving in this nonsense.

This is the very first Red Hot Cherry Pepper that began growing and it is almost ripe!

Here is the second Red Hot Cherry Pepper, he's barely a teenager.

And lastly, the third Red Hot Cherry Pepper, this guy is just a wee one.

Next, the tomato plants closely survived another plan to cut them down. After all, we can't tear them down when they are starting to actually have veggies. See the wee tomato that has decided to try and push through this odd weather.

Lastly in pictures we have a picture of the Green Bell Pepper Plant, no offense, but it's about time. This thing is like twice as tall as the other pepper plants and this is the first pepper it has produced and it is still an infant.

Otherwise, strawberries and beans are still growing like crazy. I have a couple more buds on my rose bush. My little cherry tomato plants are finally actually growing, little do they know summer is almost over. And finally, my cacti are doing well.

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