Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some Art

I already had an assignment for school to create art. In my Art and Special Needs class we were given the assignment on Monday and it had to be done by Wednesday for class. We had to address two things. We had to address something that makes us "tick" and we had to address our concerns about working with students with special needs.

So the thing that makes me tick. I work in an ice cream and candy store and I have plenty of time to observe people's behaviors toward other people, especially their children. People can and some are very rude to their own children and it doesn't even seem like they notice it. So, my lady is blind because some times you cannot see your actions as clearly as others can and this worries me because I don't want to treat people badly. She is nude because everyone else can see her actions as plan as day . . . but may not tell her, because they are uncomfortable letting her know (kind of like The Emperor's New Clothes).

My concerns not only working with children with special needs, but working with children in general is represented by the marbles. If you try to carry all the marbles, will you loose all of them because you took on too much? What if I can't be enough for all of them?

There is no expression on her face, because she doesn't even realize she is loosing some of the marbles.

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