Saturday, September 6, 2008

Newish Look

Well, as you might notice, the side bar of blogs I follow is looking a little different. I am definitely taking advantage of the new feature of Blogger and using this. So, yes, things will no longer be separated by category, which will be easier because quite a few blogs I read actually do more than one art/craft.

Crochet Today

Cable Rerun - - I like the look of this, not much of a large project person though, unless I can hook together a bunch of smaller pieces to make a large piece.

Star-Studded Sweater - - I think the sweater actually looks very nice and looks comfy, however, not much for the whole color pattern/design. I think if the sweater was done in the gray/green color and maybe the blue trim it would look nice.

Sunburst Bowl - - I will admit that this bowl is the complete reason why I purchased this magazine. I love this bowl!

Perfect Fall Sweater - - I actually think this looks pretty comfy. This is definitely not my usual style, but I love the little unique things on this and that it is a little airy.

Maple Leaf Afghan - - Not much a fan of the maple leaf motif, but I do like the idea of the squares with different filet crochet pics.

Step by Step Socks - - I think these are cute, but question as with all crochet socks, just how well they fit.

Desert Pillows - - okay, I actually really like these. But then I am a fan of Native American, Aztec, etc. type of designs.

Crochet Cacti - - Sadly, these are not something I think is all that cute. I understand the concept, but not for me.

Prairie Poncho - - so definitely not a poncho person.

Sunset Throw - - as with the Desert Pillows, love this for the same reasons.

Cowboy Booties - - Yes, I am somewhat sappy and yes a hick, I think these are actually quite cute, but I know no babies.

Cowhide Blankie - - I am not much for animal prints, so this doesn't do much, but it does look like a nifty rug.

Favorite Cardi - - I think this is cute, wouldn't necessarily do it in those colors though. I probably also wouldn't have the buttons end where hers does, as it would just make me look chubbier, maybe only two buttons.

Supersize Poufs - - Okay, okay, I love these. Not really the color, too much purple for me, but love the cushions.

Rainbow Granny 'Ghan - - Eh, it's just another granny square blanket to me.

Floral Cloche - - Cute hat, not so sure about the flower being quite so large. I think it would look much cuter if there were like 3 or 4 much smaller flowers.

Quick & Easy Wrap - - I really think the name explains it all. Rather simple.

Dapper Dog Sweater - - The dog sweater is actually cute. If I had a dog, I might make him one.

Back-to-school Tote - - This has potential, but I think it has too much brown. Plus, lets face it, no way would it hold the things for school that I need. I practically need a tow truck.

Flower Girl Cardi - - well, let's just say that sometimes the more color is not actually the better. I like the concept, but not the colors.

School-days Cardigan - - again, I understand the concept, but they have made this little boy like he's wearing his 80 year old grandpa's shrunken sweater. Not flattering.

Pumpkin Patch Cap - - Of course this is just adorable, but yet again, no one to make it for.

So yes, those are all my opinions

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