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Interweave Crochet Fall 2008

Interweave Crochet Fall 2008

Ridge Swing Cardigan - - - The design looks very nice and professional looking. I think I would wear it. I would make it large than the design was originally intended, because I would want the front to meet in the center. I really like the diagonal stitching though.

The Road to Bruges - - - I think it is a nice design, but I do not think it looks good as a scarf. It looks like your crazy aunt picked up the table runner on the way out of the house and threw it around her neck. It is pretty, but seems out of place.

Oxford Town Tote - - - I like the way the bag looks, not quite sure about the strap as it the color stands out a little too much for the rest of the bag, but that can easily be changed by using a better suited color. Nice stitch patterns.

Northern Dreams Pullover - - - Now this I absolutely adore! This looks like it fits well and is comfy. With crochet you often see bulky sweaters that are boxy and it really only perpetuates the theory the crochet is more a doily craft and not meant for clothing. However, patterns like this have to change people's minds. I can't wait to crochet this!

Spanish Moss Coat - - - I love the look of this, a nice drape and beautiful stitching. I am unsure as to whether or not I have the attention span or the stable wrists to crochet something this large, but on the other hand, I think it would most definitely be worth it. Beautiful.

Diamond Cabled Pullover - - - I have mixed feelings about this. I think the overall shape of the shirt is good and I love the stitch pattern, just not necessarily together. I think the sleeves look odd in the stitch pattern. Maybe the stitch pattern would look better as an accent or hem and not so much all over.

Woodland Shawl - - - I like the color they used, but otherwise I don't think anything about this really stands out as something different from most other crochet shawls you see. .

Pretty Little Dolman - - - Yuck. Unfortunately, I think there is very little that is flattering about this top. The bat wing sleeves look poofy in all the wrong places. I do not like the length of the sleeves. The garments may have looked better if it didn't look like the top half was falling off the model. Nope, nope, nope.

Lara's Dance Skirt - - - I think this looks pretty. Maybe a little girly for me, but I think for the right occasion this could definitely work. Not much for the color, but that is easily changed. It brings out the little girl in me who wants to put on a pretty skirt and twirl around in the living room.

Austen Lace Muffler - - - Love the design, I think it is lovely and unique looking. Don't care for the colors at all. In fact, the colors and the picture of the model wearing it almost completely turned me off. But with the picture of what it looks like off and unfolded I realized the endless choices with a design like this. All in one color, 2 or more colors, a different border, there are half a gazillion things you could do to this. So, in the end, love it because it opens the possibilities of so much more.

Stepping Stones Cardigan - - - Sadly, the 3/4th view in a picture is suppose to be one of the most flattering views of a person. Well, that is all shot in this garment. The woman looks like a linebacker for a football team. The supposed "ruching" effect at the top is just way too poofy and the huge bell like sleeves do not help at all. Maybe if it were only the sleeves or only the "ruching" then it would look fine, doubt it, but maybe. This probably could be made better if the "ruching" were more subtle and the bell sleeves weren't quite so big.

Driftwood Cap - - - I think this is a good idea for a hat. The post stitches might actually make it stretchy enough to have a comfortable fit on my head. It looks like it fits the model well and looks warm. I think this is definitely worth a try.

Dusk Sweater - - - Oddly enough, I like this sweater. I think mostly because it looks a little 80's-ish. I wouldn't necessarily wear it as is, but tweak it a little and it would make a nice spring/fall sweater. I would probably just make the arms smaller, do a little waist shaping by using some sc stitches in place of some of the dc stitches at the side rows, and lastly I wouldn't leave that little slit looking thing on the side. Basically, I see potential in this and with a few modifications, I see it as a definite keeper.

Sweet Lorraine Lace Throw - - - Pretty, but nothing special.

Stone City Scarf - - - Don't really care for this one. Not a fan of the fringe and otherwise it just looks like an average scarf.

Beaux Jestes Socks - - - Not much for these, which disappoints me because I always am looking for that pair of crochet socks that really screams to me "Crochet socks can be comfortable and nice looking", but usually they don't. I think the cuff goes too far down and doesn't actually look like it fits the model like a good pair of socks should.

Seamed Mittens - - - I think these are cute, but I am not a mitten person myself.

Finest Hops Bag - - - I like parts of this bag. I like the color work at the bottom and top, just not a fan of the embroidery in the middle. I think this is quite cute. I don't care for the handles as they seem a little impractical, but that is easily changed.

Ornamental Handspun Motifs - - - I think these are just ugly.

Fino Mitones - - - These are cute and well done. Sometimes sweet and simple is perfect. I wouldn't actually wear these as I am not an arm warmer type of person. But it makes me think how wonderful sleeves done like this would look, as I am all for really long sleeves. I think the bead accents in this look nice, where often I think beads just look tacky.

Love the article they had about Robyn Chachula. I really loved the picture of the Calla Lily Cowl. I just really love the whole look of the sweater. Beautiful.

The article on seaming was nice, as seaming is always a little awkward for me.

The end article, Going Biological, was interesting and kind of creepy. It is about Emily Barletta's crochet art. She does these weird things with medical pictures and other microscopic stuff.

***As always, these are just my opinions, you may not agree.

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