Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Featured Blog

Not An Artist

Why I like this blog:
~The thing I like most about this blog is that you get the definite vibe from it that she truly enjoys her knitting, it's not a fade, it is life.

~I like that she has a finished objects gallery. Kind of nice to see everything all together, but the even nicer thing is, she took the time to make sure each pic in the gallery links back to the post about it. Very nifty idea.

~Wonderful pictures.

~Plenty of animal pictures - - which if you haven't noticed, I live vicariously through other people since I can't have my own pets right now.

~I like the fact that she talks about all these knitting get-togethers that she goes to, since I don't go to these types of things I can know a little more about them in general by her posts.

Different kinds of Art/Crafts I found at her blog:
felting - - I love the roundish sea shell type shapes
photography - - just look at that really close close-up of the cake, beautiful!

As always, this is what I take from this website, go have a look for yourself!

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